Donald Trump, an honest reflection

By Abraham Anansi

Like many of you, I woke up in the early afternoon of January 1st 2017 hungover, dishevelled and bedraggled. I dragged myself to the bathroom and, raising my head slowly, I carried out the important task of staring back at myself in the mirror. ‘You idiot’, I thought, ‘you’ve done this to yourself, now fix it’.

The election of Donald Trump as the next ‘leader of’ the ‘free world’ has taken many by shock and a good portion of those, by horror.

But I propose that on a number of major issues, Trump is a far more honest reflection of today’s America than his predecessor. Furthermore, Trump may actually act as the bitter antidote for Western apathy to what should already have been an unpalatable status quo. Continue reading “Donald Trump, an honest reflection”